• Testimonials

    • Penny has a way of encouraging and energizing me...she has the professional knowledge to help me be successful in my job search. She has an empathetic and sincere heart for those in need of finding the right career.
    • Through coaching with Penny, I learned not to settle...rather choose to live a life that fulfills my values, dreams, and passions.
    • Working with Penny gave me the clarity I needed to make changes...I have moved ahead in my career in a way that I may have never explored.
    • Penny led me through a powerful assessment process of targeting my professional goals while ensuring they were aligned with my personal priorities.
    • I struggled with fear of conflict, avoiding or internalizing issues. As a result of coaching with Penny, I consider myself to be a more effective communicator.
    • Penny's intuitive and supportive coaching style is perfectly complimented by her business acumen all of which translates into exceptional executive coaching.
    • Penny helped me identify specific patterns of behavior that were negatively impacting my performance...I have been able to make improvements in my management and leadership approach.
    • Penny's approach and techniques for tapping into one's passion resonates with participants and they leave our workshops feeling more focused and hopeful.


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