• Client Testimonial

    Through coaching with Penny, I was able to overcome the fear that I could not deliver in other positions or industries. I learned not to settle...rather choose to live a life that fulfills my values, dreams, and passions.

    - MBA Professional

Coaching Decision

Who Works with Me?

Successful individuals who want more out of life but need help in defining 'more.'

I have a great job, but I am not passionate about the work. The problem is I don't know what I could be passionate about.

Successful individuals who know what they want, but the path to achieving it is ambiguous.

I am a successful sales professional, but I really want to follow my dream and pursue a career in social work. That's my passion. Where do I begin?

Busy professionals who realize the life they have created is not congruent with their values and need for a balance.

I am not fulfilled in my life. With so many obligations and commitments, I rarely have time or energy to pursue the things that bring me joy. I used to travel and pursue my passion for photography...

Individuals who are facing career transition.

My company is downsizing and my job is going to be eliminated. I haven't had to find a job in over ten years. Where do I start?

Business Owners and Executives

I find I am spending too much time in the business, and not on it. I need to change behaviors that are not supporting my vision for success.


Is coaching right for you?

Coaching requires courage and commitment. Courage to reach for more and commitment to overcome internal and external obstacles. If you desire to make a change in your life...you are willing to explore new ideas....and open to inviting me into the process...

Let's have a conversation.